Journal of MultiDsciplinary Studies

Patron In Chief

  • Mrs Ayesha Khurram
  • Principal Bpgcw

Managing Director

  • Mr Zafar Saeed
  • Vice Principal Bpgcw

Chief Editor

  • Amna Ajaib
  • Head of Research And Development Departments
  • BPGCW PAF Nur Khan


The growth of any country is based not only on the research and publications but also on the fellow professionals who read these publications and put them into practice.We have an objective to initiate new ideas and expose them to the world . We intend to provide a strong platform to the researchers which will help them dessiminate high quality and orignal reserach work on emerging trends in multidsciplines.
(Chief Editor Amna Ajaib)

Journal Policy

The Journal of Multidsciplinary studies of Bilquis Post Graduate College PAF Nur Khan will present orignal research papers in all dsciplines. It is a double blind, peer reviewed and an open access journal. It will be published in printed and online version. Jms is the biannual journal and is the first journal of Bilquis Post Graduate College for woman PAF NurKhan.