International Multi-Disciplinary Graduate
Conference - 2020

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2nd International MultiDisciplinary Graduate Conference 2020

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1st International MultiDisciplinary Graduate Conference 2019


2nd International MultiDisciplinary Graduate Conference 2020

  • 2020


    Graduate conferences are held in order to bring forward the efforts of young graduates. The purpose of conducting multidisciplinary research conference is to develop and promote research culture in institutions, bridge the gap between different disciplines and to provide students an opportunity to get familiarized with contemporary trends and issues in various disciplines. The forum of conference acts as a forum to develop a network of scholars, planners, experts and researchers. The students share their innovative ideas to create linkages. It helps graduates to explore global themes and combat contemporary issues. Moreover, interdisciplinary conferences are very crucial for capacity building of the teaching faculty and students.

  • Formation of Editorial Board

    Editorial Board is the foundation stone of any conference. The members evaluated the abstracts and English faculty members proofread all the abstracts for spelling and grammatical errors. Internal Editorial Board comprises of following members:
    Dr. Ayesha Akbar (Education & English)
    Dr. Fouzia Malik (HoD Education)
    Ms. Misbah Yaseen (Lecturer)
    Dr. Beenish Abbas (HoD Assistant Professor)
    Ms. Lubna Meer (Assistant Professor)
    Ms. Nazia Bibi (Lecturer)
    Ms. Quratul Ann (Lecturer)
    Ms. Rubab Amjad (Lecturer)
    Ms. Anjum Afshan (HoD Psychology)
    Ms Azra Jamil (HoD Common Faculty)
    Ms. Ansa Asim (HoD Management Sciences)
    Ms. Sana Mukhtar (Lecturer)
    Ms. Benish Benjamin (HoD Mathematics)
    Ms. Amna Arshad (HoD (R&D) / Assistant Professor)
    Ms. Sumaira Abbasi (Lecturer)
    Ms. Hajra Arshad (HoD English)
    Ms. Sumaira Noor (English)
    Ms. Sahar Sultan (English)
    Ms. Hafsa Zeeshan (English)
    Ms. Anum (Psychology)
    Ms. Rani (Psychology)
    Ms. Amna Waheed (Psychology)
    Ms. Sumaira Noor (English)
    Ms. Amna Nabeel (English)
    Note: Keeping in view the number of abstracts received, the list of internal and external editorial board has been revised.

  • External Editorial Board for the conference

    i.Dr. Hazrat Umer (NUML)
    ii. Dr. Nawaz (COMSATS)
    iii. Dr. Ejaz Mirza (NUML)
    iv. Miss Hajra Akhlaq (QAU)
    v. Dr. Neelofar (QAU)
    vi. Mr. Muhammad Asim
    vii. Mr. Naqash Abbasi (QAU)
    viii. Dr. Ayesha Rafique (Institute of Space & Technology)
    ix. Mr. Manshoor (COMSATS)
    x. Dr. Arshad Bashir (COMSATS)

  • Guests as keynote speakers and panelists

    1. Dr. Abdul Mateen (Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science)
    2. Dr. Abdul Razzaq (Retired Professor)
    3. Dr. Faryal Razzaq (Assistant Professor)
    4. Dr. Ghufran Ullah (Assistant Professor)
    5. Dr. Hazrat Umar (Assistant Professor,Department of English)
    6. Dr. Muhammad Ali Shahid (Assist Prof (CS),Head of Department (Compute Scienc))
    7. Prof. Dr. Khalid Hussain (Professor & CampDean)
    8. Dr. M. Shakil Ahmad (Assistant ProfessorIncharge ORIC)
    9. Dr. Marium Din (Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Education)
    10. Dr. Nargis Bibi (Education Deptt. , NUML)
    11. Dr. Omar Hayyat (Assistant Professor)
    12. Dr. Rabia Faridi (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
    13. Dr. Rashid Naseem (Assistant Professor)
    14. Dr. Rashid Mahmood (Associate Professor/Chair Department of Mathematics,)
    15. Dr. Saleem Ullah (Assistant Professor Department of Mathematics)
    16. Dr. Saud Altaf (Assistant Professor)
    17. Dr. Tanvir Afzal(Professor Department of Computer Science)
    18. Dr. Umaima Kamran (In-charge/Assistant Professor, Department of English)
    19. Dr. Wajeeha Shahid (Assistant Professor Department of Education (Faculty of Social Sciences))
    20. Prof Dr. Wasima Shehzad (Dean Faculty of Social Sciences )
    21. Dr. Muhammad Ajmal (Chairman Department of DNFCE )
    22. Mr. Abdullah Qamar (STEAM EDUCATOR Edvon robotic)
    23. Mr. Hassan Tayyab Trimizi (Chief Executive Officer)
    24. Ms. Arooj Saqib (Founder & CEO)
    25. Ms. Samina Naeem Khaild (Joint Secretary / Executive Council Member)
    26. Dr. Tasneem Shah (Professor, Dean)
    27. Dr. Moin Ud Din (Trainer, Mentor)
    28. Dr. Afshan Huma (Assistant Professor)
    29. Dr. Ayesha Akbar (Associate Professor)
    30. Dr. Sarwat Rasool (HoD ENGLISH)
    31. Dr. Ghazala Kausar (Asst. Prof. at Faculty of Languages)
    32. Dr Hoshang Kolivand (Senior Lecturer)
    33. Dr. Muhammad Imran (Assistant Professor)
    34. Dr. Amad Ud Din (Assistant Professor)
    35. Mr. Waqas Ahmed (Lecturer)
    36. Dr. Karen Jean Day (Director of postgraduate program in Health Informatics)
    37. Dr. Shafaat Ahmed Khan (Head of Department)
    38. Dr. Muhammad Tanvir Afzal (Professor, Editor In Chief JUCS)
    39. Dr. Muhammad Aleem (Associate Professor, Associate Editor, IEEE Access)
    40. Maria Iqbal (Lecturer)
    41. Dr. Arshad Bashir (Assistant Professor)
    42. Dr. M. Fasih (HoD English Department)
    43. Dr. Neelofar Rauf (Assistant Professor)
    44. Dr. M. Alsalat (PhD Management)
    45. Prof. Sergii I. SYDORENKO (Director International Collaboration)
    46. Doctorate Muhammad Kamran (Hospitality Management Consultant )
    47. Dr. Yasir Hussain Turi (Assistant Professor)
    48. Dr. Yasir (PCEPT, NUST)
    49. Dr. Muhammad Sajid khan (Assistant Professor)

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